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About Us

Hi, we’re Michelle and Ben.

A Kiwi and an Aussie, that have been travelling around Australia (on and off) since 2017.

In 2017 we decided we’d had enough of ‘normal’ life so we quit our jobs, sold all our stuff and moved back to Australia (oh yeah, we’d been back in New Zealand for 7 years at that point).

When we got back here, we bought a 4WD and a camper trailer and spent the next 5 months travelling around the Eastern half of mainland Australia.

We realised pretty early on in that trip, that we loved this way of life and that we wanted to continue travelling for as long as possible.

But we also quickly realised that living in a camper trailer long term, was not going to work.

So when the money ran out (far too quickly!) we stopped in Dubbo  to earn some money, and bought a vintage Millard caravan.

40 years old (same age as us!)

Teeny tiny (not the same as us)

And no bathroom.

I don’t know how we did it, but we lived in that old girl for almost two years!

Most of that time, we were working in Maitland NSW, with little bits of travel around the state, when we could.

Saving, working on online projects and caretaking at the show grounds.

We then took an extended holiday to Malaysia, and we arrived back in Australia just as the pandemic started to hit.

And we were cooped up in that tiny caravan with no bathroom. (Thankfully, the show grounds remained open so we could stay put there and use their facilities).

So we sold the caravan, and started staying in AirBnB’s. We been doing a mixture of AirBnBs, holiday rentals and renting a family members home.

We’ve proven to ourselves that the nomadic lifestyle fits us and, all going well, we’d like to add a campervan (with a bathroom!) as one of our travelling homes, and travels across the Nullabor to explore Western Australia, at length.

As we do all our research on whether to buy a new van, convert a van ourselves, or even just rent a campervan and do shorter trips, we’ll compile it all here.

Our hope is that you’ll find useful info to help you find your own perfect campervan to travel around Australia.

Happy travels!

Michelle & Ben