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Where to buy DIY camper van conversion kits in Australia

DIY camper van conversion kits

If you’re looking for DIY camper van conversion kits in Australia there are limited choices, unfortunately.

However, if you’re looking for van conversion components, removable camper conversion kits or a drawer under the bed type of solution, we’ll get to that in a bit.

If you’re after a full interior van conversion kit that includes the bed platform, storage, kitchen unit and even a bathroom, hmmm, that will be a little tougher to find in Australia.

If you don’t want to do any of the work yourself, you should consider one of these Australian van conversion companies. Let them do all the hard work.

You may have seen blog posts from the USA or UK where there are companies that specialise in making modular kits that will fit a variety of different van make and models.

I’m talking about companies like Adventure Wagon, Happier Camper and Contravans.

They’re perfect for the first time builder, someone who has a quick turnaround or just doesn’t want to make some of the more complicated parts of their van build, because you can buy the parts of your van interior and just put it all together.

I know it’s not particularly helpful to tell you what they do in other countries, but what you really want to know is what ‘ready-made’ parts or van conversion kits can you get here in Australia?

All is not completely lost, it depends on the level of conversion you’re going for. And the size of your van.

If you’re in the process of looking for a van now but not sure what vans come in what sizes, I’ve created a spreadsheet with all the vans that can be bought new in Australia.

The spreadsheet includes exterior dimensions, interior height, base price and links to each one.

(It also includes all the camper vans you can buy new in Australia, if you change your mind and decide you don’t want to do a conversion.)

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Here’s all the companies I could find in Australia that sell van conversion kits or modules, that you can install yourself.

Each of the company logos is a link to that companies website.

If there are any others that I’ve missed, let me know and I’ll add them!

Van Conversion Kits – Australia

Flat pack van conversion kits by VanLife DIY Fitouts

VanLife DIY Fitouts enables others to experience the freedom of van life and reconnect with nature; with their flatpack kits you can simply buy a layout and put it together without the need for a myriad of tools or building ‘know how’.

Starting at $3,047 for the Base Camp suitable for either short or long wheel base vans; this kit comes equipped with a bed platform, rear pull out kitchen set up , side storage unit, battery or crate space.

There are 8 layouts to choose from and range in price from $3,147 to $4,347.

The team at VanLife DIY Fitouts have offered us a great discount, just for CampervanAU readers.

Order on their website here, and when ordering enter the discount code CAMPER100 to get $100 off your order!

Trakkit – modular kits by Trakka

You may already be familiar with Trakka, as they make some of the best (IMO) campervans in Australia.
So I was quite surprised, but glad, to see that they’ve expanded into the world of modular camper van kits.

You start with a mount, which you fix the bed of your van, and then you can add modules in whatever configuration you want.

The mounts have been initially designed around the tie down points and existing bolt holes of some popular van models, but it sounds like they’re quite customisable. If you’re considering this option I think you should give Trakka a call to see if it fits your model of van.

The mounts are $380, and the modular components are from $380 for a simple storage module, up to $1,770 for the fridge module; or $2,300 for a full power module.

Kitle Van Camping Kits

The Kitle range of van conversion kits is specifically designed to fit a range of Australia’s most popular modern vans; they combine form, function and freedom all in a box!

Built on their ‘AirFrame’ system the kits are lighter and stronger, and quick to install (or remove.)

They have 3 kits; the Flex, Flex Lite and Multi depending on your needs. And range in price from $4,250 to $7,450.

Campervan conversion kits by Happy Camper Conversions

Black and white logo of Happy Camper Conversions  with VW van in the centre and the words in a circle around it.

Mat from Happy Camper Conversions has combined his love of road tripping with his skills as a carpenter and cabinet maker to create some wonderful van conversions.

Just recently he has created a line of pre-assembled modular fit-outs. These components are perfect for those that want to do some of the work converting their own vans, but want it to look professional and stylish!

Starting at $450 for a basic storage unit, up to $3,600 for a slide out bed with kitchen drawer and storage unit.

As at writing this article they’re only doing pick ups from Sydney, but they’re working on a flat pack solution that can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia.

Van conversion kits by Nomad Vans

As well as doing full conversion themselves, Nomad Camper Vans also have 2 kit sets available. The Bruny from $4,125, and the Fraser from $3,190.

Nomad Camper Vans

You can have it either delivered to you as a flat pack, or you can bring it in to the Nomad Camper Vans shop in Freshwater NSW and they’ll install it in your van in just a few hours.

Van conversion modules from Fin Campers

Fin Campers have a range of modules that can be used individually, or combined to create your desired van layout. Some of the modules are removable, giving you the versatility of a part time camper van.

Fin Campers

Removable camper conversion kits by Kata CamperBox

Kata CamperBox has 3 drawer systems that are perfect for camping.

The CamperBox Standard is ideal if you’re looking for a camper kit that you could slot into your SUV that would allow you to have a comfy bed and an outdoor kitchen setup.

Removable campervan unit in the back of an SUV.

These boxes instantly convert the rear of your vehicle into a cozy bed with storage and a pull out kitchen underneath.

From $1,150 AUD + GST

The second option is VanBox, which is sized to fit into the back of a van. It has a pull out kitchen and more storage space for your supplies and room for a battery set-up.

Rear door of a van open with a removable campervan kit in the back.

From $2,800 AUD + GST

The third option is the SurfBox, for anyone who need to load long gear like surfers, snowboarders or bikers.

From $2,600 AUD + GST

When you come back from your weekend adventures you can remove the kata box and use your vehicle as normal again.

Vanpack Campervan Kits

Ryan started Vanpack to fulfil his own needs while building out his own vans (he’s now on van 3).

His focus, for now, is on building quality kits for VW vans, and he’s got 3 kits to fit the Volkswagen Transporter or Multivan.

Priced from $2,842 – $4,437 you can opt to have the raw kits if you prefer the more DIY route.

Based in Wollongong NSW you can also give him a call if you’d like a custom kit.

Libra Campervans conversion kits

While Libra Campervans also do full van conversions, they also have camper kits that they can ship out to you as a flat pack.

They have different components depending on whether you need a bed solution, storage or a kitchen unit.

VW camper van conversion kits by VanEssa

VanEssa Mobilecamping has a selection of modular camping units that are designed specifically for VW vans and VW Caddy.

These units are removable, so you can just lift in and lift out to make your vehicle versatile for holidays and every day life.

Camping boxes by Reimo

Reimo is a campervan parts supplier that I see popping up on Google more than the others. They’ve got lots of parts and accessories, but they also produce these ‘camping boxes’. A removable unit that fits in the rear of your van with a bed platform on top and a slide-out kitchen and storage below.

Woman lying in the back of a van on top of a removable camping box.

Q Box by Everything Caravan & Camping

New online retailer Everything Caravan & Camping have released a new product called Q Box, a portable camper box.

It’s essentially a box that you fit into the back of your van and it contains a slide out cooker, a slide out for a fridge, and space for a water bottle/tank and more storage underneath. On top is a fold out bed.

Camper van conversion parts – Australia

There are a small number of suppliers of camper van conversion parts and accessories in Australia. So if there’s something specific you’re after, it’s worth doing a google search for that part.

DIY RV Solutions

DIY RV solutions logo.

DIY RV Solutions are a Brisbane based business that produces components for a van conversion. They take care of the difficult parts IMO, like fibreglass components and exterior hatches/doors.

Their range includes:

Showers & basins
Roof conversions
Gas storage box
Door conversions
Access doors/hatches
Battery storage box

Made for the Toyota Hiace, Toyota Coaster, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter and Ford Transit.

Just Kampers

Just Kampers logo.

Just Kampers are an online store that specialises in van conversion parts and components  for VW vehicles.

Vantastic RV Accessories

VANtastic logo.

Vantastic RV Accessories are a division of Southern Spirit Campervans so you’ll see their shops are quite similar. They are an authorised and official REIMO parts dealer, but they also have a loads of other parts and accessories.

Wander RV Kits

Wander RV Kits is a sister site to the Wander Campervans hire company. They supply a range of joinery kits, plumbing kits, electrical products and van-life essentials.

And don’t forget all the other motorhome and caravan parts suppliers that aren’t specifically for camper vans, but have many of the same parts.

RV Parts Express logo.
RV Parts Australia logo.
CAMEC logo.
All RV Parts & Accessories logo.

I hope the list above helps you to find the van conversion kits, parts or accessories that you need to complete your van build.

Don’t forget, if it’s all too much, there is always the option of passing the job over to a professional van conversion company.

Interior of a campervan showing the seating area overlooking a water view outside, with text overlay: Campervan conversion companies Australia.

Still looking for the right van for your conversion?


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All good, I’ve had a response. Thankyou


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Wednesday 4th of October 2023

Hi, Thankyou for your articles, very helpful. I live in WA and have rung and emailed Libra Campers but no response or message. Are they still in operation? Thanks Helen


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Bought a 2007 Toyota Estima G Hybrid AWD. Want to fitout as a caqmper van. Anyone can help?


Saturday 6th of November 2021

Mercedes Sprinter 319 MWB ( ex-ambo), which of your kits would best suit this and price ?


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Hi Gary, Just click on any of the company logos in the post and that will take you to their website. They'll be able to help you. Cheers, Michelle

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I am about to build a Mercdes Sprinter LWB as a camper.I understand you supplt kit items. I am in Sydney where are you based.


Thursday 9th of September 2021

Hi Michael, just click on any of the company logos in the post and that will take you to their website. Good luck with your build!