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Camper van conversion companies Australia

Have you bought a van already and looking for the best camper van conversion company near where you live?

There are actually quite a lot of campervan conversion companies here in Australia, which I was a little surprised about.

Whether it’s a huge LWB super high roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, or a 20 year old Mitsubishi Delica 4×4, either can be converted into a campervan.

Some are full off-grid liveable vehicles with toilet, shower, solar power and all. While some are more weekend getaway types with room to sleep, cook and relax, but without the expensive creature comforts.

The benefit of having a custom campervan conversion is that 1) you control what gets put into your van based on what’s important to you (and your budget) and 2) you don’t have to do all the work!

You can employ a van conversion company almost anywhere in Australia, and they’ll work with you to understand your vision, and make it a reality.

Some of these companies also provide campervan conversion kits, so that you can DIY your campervan fitout; but all of the companies I’ve listed below provide custom van conversions. Where they take your ideas of what you’d like in a van (or the van layout you’ve designed yourself), combine it with their experience and expertise, and create a personalised van that is perfect for you.

And it doesn’t seem to matter too much what type of van you have; you can find sprinter van conversion companies or VW camper conversions around Australia.


Jacana Motorhomes

Jacana Motorhomes do everything from your humble campervan conversion, right through to large motorhomes and corporate vehicles.

Interior of a campervan conversion showing the bed platform and wet bathroom.

Based in Taree NSW, you can see lots more examples of their work over on the Jacana Motorhomes website.

Roaming Wild Campers

Roaming Wild Campers are campervan conversion specialists and if you follow them on Instagram, you will already have seen photos of their amazing van conversions.

With unique storage ideas and customised decor, these vans really are a home on wheels for their owners.

Campervan interior showing a bed, kitchen and sitting area.

Based in Mudgee NSW, you can see more on their website: Roaming Wild Campers or on their Instagram.


Xcentrix is based on the Tweed Coast in NSW and specialises in high end custom campervan conversions and executive transport.

Converted van showing seating area, bathroom and kitchen area.

They’ve got quite an extensive gallery of previous custom conversions over on the Xcentrix website.


Started by Mark after he got so many questions about his own campervan conversion, this company based in Brookvale specialise in custom conversions and fitout.

Looking through a campervan dining area to the open back doors showing an rural area at dusk.

See some of these camper conversions on the Van Go website or over on their Instagram.

Camper Craft

Camper Craft in Gosford have a range of campervan conversions that they manufacture, while also doing custom conversions if you already have a vehicle.

Twin beds in the rear of a converted campervan by van conversion company Camper Craft.

For a their latest campervan stock, and examples of their campervan conversions, see the Camper Craft website.

Insight Van Conversions

Cam runs his Insight Van Conversions from a workshop in Newcastle and provides custom van conversions.

Looking into a converted campervan through the rear door, showing the bed platform and storage on the side wall of the van.

The Insight Van Conversions website shows you lots of examples of Cams campervans as well as his Instagram.

South Coast Van Fitouts

Callum and Chris started their business over a few beers… where some of the best ideas are formed!

Rear door of a campervan is open showing a sleeping platform with pink fluffy duvet and storage drawers below.

If you have a look at their Instagram account you can see that they have a real knack for creating lovely campers with bespoke touches.

South Coast Van Fitouts website


Blackbird Camper Co

Andrew and Jamie converted their first van, a Toyota Hiace, in their apartment carpark and the business has built on from there. In their own words:

Blackbird Camper Co. was born out of desire to combine our woodworking, art and design skills to create unique, quirky yet beautiful vans for others to make amazing memories and explore the magic of Australia!

You can see examples of their amazing work on their website.

Interior of camper showing bed with dog bed underneath.

Built for Adventure

This little company, based in Torquay, goes through a consultative process with any new client to get their ideas and desires on to paper.

And you’ll see from the examples on the Built for Adventure website or their Instagram, that they do a great job of converting those ideas into something beautiful and functional.

Looking across the bed in a converted van towards the open rear doors.

Van Life Fitouts

The team at VanLife Fitouts are an experienced bunch, with loads of knowledge about van life and converting a campervan.

They can help you to design and build your perfect camper van.

Wooden interior of a campervan showing the bed platform with storage drawers below.


Gold Coast Campervan Conversions

Beautiful customised camper van conversions. Just have a look at the Gold Coast Campervan Conversions website to see what they have previously completed.

Dining area of a van that has been converted to a camper.

Southern Spirit Campervans

Southern Spirit Campervans are a Brisbane based company that do full and part campervan conversions, removable conversions, as well as have an online shop with van parts for those that are doing their own DIY van conversion.

Red and black interior of a campervan showing the kitchen area through to the sleeping area.

See the Southern Spirit Campervans website for all the details.

Wanderlust Campers

The team at Wanderlust Campers pride themselves on creating luxury camper van conversions that feature premium materials chosen for their aesthetic and superior performance. 

Sitting area of a campervan conversion.

Wanderlust Campers website

Tiny Home Campers

Phil, the owner of Tiny Home Campers, lived in a van himself, so he knows what’s needed to make van life comfortable.

Couple that with his great design and you’ve got a recipe for amazing tiny homes.

Cozy corner seating in a campervan.

Check out his work for yourself on the Tiny Home Campers website.

Red Dog Campers

This family owned and operated business specialises in full custom built camper vans.

Converted compervan with farmhouse style sink.

You can see examples of their portfolio on the Red Dog Campers website.


The Campervan Man

After travelling around Australia in his own camper van conversion for 2.5 years, The Campervan Man knows what makes van life around Australia comfortable. 

Farmhouse style kitchen inside a VW campervan conversion.

The Campervan Man website and Instagram


Dove Camper Conversions

Dove Camper Conversions has been around since 1968, they do full conversions on your own vehicle, or have stock available for purchase right now.

Class B van showing kitchen area.

Dove Campervan Conversions – Welshpool WA

Go Explore Vans

Go Explore Vans (Perth) specialise in converting vans into your own personalized home. You can see their previous conversions over on the Go Explore Vans website

Inside a campervan showing the seating area and kitchen, with the bathroom in the rear.


AHA Motorhomes

Andrew has over 15 years experience in joinery and has been specialising in custom built campervans and motorhomes.

Grey interior of a van showing the kitchen area and the bed.

AHA Motorhomes website.

If you haven’t found the right van for you yet, our article on the Best Vans for Converting to a Campervan may help.

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Man standing at the rear of his campervan in outback Australia.