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VW camper van dimensions

Looking for VW camper van dimensions so that you can start making your camper van dreams come true?

We’ve already talked about the types of new VW camper vans that you can buy here in Australia, but now let’s have a look at the dimensions of the Volkswagen campervans, and see if these sizes work for you.

VW van dimensions

There are two Volkswagen models that are used for camper van conversions, the Transporter and the Crafter.

The Transporter’s short wheel base comes with a vehicle length of 4904m, and a roof height of 1.990m.

If you prefer the longer wheel base, it’s 5.304m in vehicle length and up to 2.477m in roof height, for the high roof.

The VW Crafter comes in 3 wheel base lengths of 5.986m, 6.836m and 7.391m, with 3 roof height options from 2.355m to 2.789m.

VW camper van dimensions

Lots of campervan conversion companies here in Australia, use the VW vans for their base, such as Campervans Australia, Frontline Campervans, Trakka and Jacana.

I’ve created a spreadsheet that has the dimensions of all the vans that you can buy new in Australia (it has all vans, not just VW). It includes exterior dimensions, interior height, base price and links to each one.

It also includes all the camper vans you can buy new in Australia.

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Yellow VW camper parked at the beach, with text overlay: VW camper van dimensions.