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Where to buy ex rental campervans in Perth, WA

Ex-rental campervans for sale Perth

If you’re coming to Australia to travel around the country, I’m sure you’ve been told that in order to see the most and have the most fun and adventures, your trip needs to include two major things:

  1. You need a vehicle to travel around in. Ideally one to sleep in so you’re not relying on expensive motels, AirBnBs or even backpackers.
  2. You need to come for more than a couple of weeks. Sure, you can fly in a see the major cities, but getting off the beaten track and heading to some of the more remote, yet beautiful locations, is what makes a vacation in Australia so special.

So with those two points in mind, a campervan is, without a doubt, the BEST way to see Australia.

Van parked at Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia.
Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

Hiring a camper van from Perth

You could rent a campervan which you could pick up from the airport as soon as you land. This is a great option because it’s so convenient.

You don’t have to worry about anything.

But it is expensive if you want to hire for more than a couple of months.

You can use the portal below to see if renting a van makes the most sense for you, for the timeframe (and budget) that you have.

Buying an ex rental campervan

Once the costs of renting a campervan get up into the $10k+ range, you’ll really want to consider buying a campervan, and selling it when you leave.

The reason why buying an ex-rental van is appealing, is that they’re already set up ready to go and the rental companies have been doing regular servicing and maintenance.

There are a few rental companies in Perth, who sell their campervan stock once it gets too old or they are replaced by newer vans.

KEA Motorhomes

Kea motorhomes logo.

KEA Motorhomes is backed by thl who own and operate maui, Britz and Mighty motorhome rentals across Australia. They sell their ex-rental campervans and motorhomes through George Day Caravans and Motorhomes.

Screenshot of the George Day Caravans and Motorhomes Perth website.

Travellers Autobarn

Travellers Autobarn logo.

Have a limited stock of campervans that they sell when they’re updating their rental supply.

They have a Nationwide Guaranteed Buyback which means that they will tell you exactly how much they’ll pay to buy it back from you. It’s never as much as you would get selling in privately, but you have the guarantee of being able to sell it when you’re ready to leave the country.

I could only find limited information on the website. I’m presuming that they are the selling arm of Wicked Campers. They have a range of campervans around the country and have a guaranteed buy back. There’s no physical presence though, so I’m not sure if this business is still operating.

Other campervan sales websites to have a look at

You might be able to find an ex-rental motorhome or campervan being sold on these sites, but there’s no guarantee. It might be worth having a look though.

Facebook Groups/Pages:

You can see from this post, that there aren’t heaps of places in WA where you can buy an ex-rental camper van. But there are a few.

If you were to look for an ex-rental campervan Australia-wide, you’d have a lot more options and prices would be a bit cheaper too.

Avon Valley National Park

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