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Motorhome rental in Tasmania

Hiring a campervan or motorhome in Tasmania

Before we get into the whys and wherefores of renting a campervan or motorhome in Tasmania, let me give you the TL;DR.

  1. You can find the best deal on motorhome rentals in Tasmania (includes campervans) by using an aggregator like the one below.

2. If you’re looking for more options like a unique van conversion, then I’d recommend

Options for Renting a Motorhome

 Large motorhome rental aggregator

Large aggregators allow you to put in your dates and where you want to pick-up and drop-off and then it does a search of loads of rental companies.

This makes it super easy to find a motorhome that fits your criteria by just looking in one place.

These aggregators include all the big (mostly) nationwide suppliers. These include:

Apollo, Britz, Camperman, Cheapa Campa, Cruisin, Go Cheap, Grip 4WD, Hippie Camper, Jucy Rentals Let’s Go Motorhomes, LeisureRent, Lucky Rentals, Maui, Maui Elite, Mighty, Spaceships, Star RV, Tasmania Campers and Travellers Autobarn

Local campervan rental companies

I’ve only been able to find one smaller, Tasmania specific rental company that don’t seem to be a part of the larger aggregators:

Tasmanian Campervan Hire

Rent by owner are a great option if you want something a bit more unique. If maybe you want a DIY van conversion or you’re looking for a bigger vehicle like a Toyota Coaster.

The great thing about Camplify is that, even though you’re renting someone’s personal campervan, you’re covered by insurance, roadside assistance and 24/7 customer support, just like the big companies.

Why Choose a Campervan or Motorhome to see Tasmania?

Flexibility and Freedom

Having your accomodation with you all the time, really does allow you the freedom to travel wherever you like, whenever you like.
You don’t have to check in, or out, by a certain time (unless you’re at a paid campground, of course) and you

      1. Discuss the advantage of having a mobile accommodation

      2. Highlight the ability to change plans and explore off-the-beaten-path locations

Cost-Effective Travel

Travelling in a motorhome means that you are combining the cost of your travel and accommodation into one cost.

So yes, you will find that hiring a campervan is more expensive than a car rental, but you’re saving on the cost of your accommodation.

Another major saving, is that you’ll have your kitchen with you, so you can cook all your meals rather than eating out or getting takeaways. Just being able to make your own coffee in the morning and fix a quick sandwich for lunch, you’ll be saving so much money.

Woman drinking a coffee while sitting at the side door of a white campervan.

Immersive Experience

      1. Discuss the intimate connection with nature and surroundings

      2. Share anecdotes of personal experiences and testimonials


Ever been out exploring for the day and the weather turned cold… but you didn’t bring your jacket? Or found an awesome swimming spot but don’t have your swimmers with you (let alone a towel or spare clothes).

If any spur of the moment opportunities pop up, you can take advantage of them if you have everything already with you. You can even have a shower straight after your swim!

Booking Notes

Types of Motorhomes

There are a number of different types of motorhomes and campervans that you can hire.

Small / Budget campervans

These range from people movers like the Toyota Estima  to a Nissan Elgrand. They’re big enough for a bed that converts to seating, and will have a kitchen unit.

Small/Budget Campervans

Campervans (mid-size to large)

Usually standing room (either with a high top or pop top roof) and often contain a bathroom. Toyota Hiace is on the smaller end of the scale, up to Mercedes Sprinter or VW Transporter type of vehicles.

Mid-size/Large Campervans


Usually Class C type of motorhome, ideal for families or groups.

You generally won’t find Class A motorhomes for rent in Australia, unless you hire privately through companies like Camplify/Outdoorsy. And even then, you won’t find many large RVs in Australia.


4WD Campers

These are generally campers built on a ute chassis, often with a pop-up roof.

4WD Camper

Roof top tents

You can find smaller vehicles with roof top tents and a kitchen set up in the boot/hatch back. The roof top tents are particularly popular on 4WD utes and SUVs.

Roof Top Tent

Southern Hemisphere Seasons

If you’re coming from the Northern Hemisphere, don’t forget that the seasons in Australia are the opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

The southern hemisphere seasons are:

Summer – December, January, February
Autumn – March, April, May
Winter – June, July, August
Spring – September, October, November

Driving age & licence requirements

Generally, the minimum age is 21 for renting a motorhome in Australia. However there are a few companies that allow younger drivers. 18 years old is the minimum.

A standard car licence is all you need to drive a campervan in Australia. It must be in English, or supported by a translation or international drivers permit.

Things to consider before booking a motorhome:

How many people do you need to transport & sleep?

Do you need a full bathroom (toilet & shower) – or do you plan on staying in campgrounds where you use their facilities. (So maybe a portable toilet for emergencies will be enough).

What is the interior height of the van (will you be able to stand up)?

Is there air-conditioning in the living area (or is it just the cab, when driving)

Are kitchen utensils and linen included?Are toilet chemicals included?

Is the transmission manual or automatic? Is it petrol or diesel?

What is the insurance policy (excess etc)

One Way Rentals

Most of the large campervan rental companies will allow you to do one way rentals. So you can pick up your campervan in Hobart, and drop it off in Launceston. But it will depend on where the rental company has offices.

You won’t be able to do one way rentals with Camplify, because those people will want their RVs back!

Planning your campervan road trip

While having an RV to travel around Tasmania does mean that you have a lot more flexibility about where you stay/park each night. But it’s not total flexibility.

You will still need to be mindful of where you can park, and if you want to stay in a campground you may have to book first.

Here’s are some of your options for finding a campsite:

Wikicamps – this app is a database of all the campsites, both free and paid, as well as points of interest, dump stations, visitor information centres, water taps, toilets, showers, and more. Cost is a one-time fee of $10, and it’s well worth that cost. – great for unique, privately owned campgrounds.

The campervan rental company will also have recommendations of where to camp, and some even have a road trip planning app. Ask them when you book.

Nomadasaurus have put together a great camping guide:

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