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Great new Toyota Hiace 4×4 camper vans perfect for a family

4×4 Toyota Hiace Family Campervan

There are 2 types of campervans that seem to be the hardest to find in Australia.

4×4 campervans and campervans that sleep a family.

Well, Dream Drive Campervans have a solution!

Introducing the KumaQ by Dream Drive Campervans.

Exterior rear view of the KumaQ by Dream Drive Campervans.

Dream Drive founder Jared, spent childhood holidays travelling the UK and Australia in campervans.

While working an office job in Japan, he reignited that love of road trips and found that Japan was perfectly set up for road tripping in a campervan.

With it’s beautiful countryside, loads of onsen (hot springs) and  thousands of public toilets, it makes travelling around Japan easy and appealing.

However, there was a lack of options for campervans as they’re not (yet) as popular as here in Australia, the UK or the USA.

So Jared started by converting his own family car into a campervan, and then kept converting more.

Jared and his family have now moved back to Australia, but their factory in Tokyo employs 30 craftspeople that convert the Toyota Hiace vans into cozy and functional campervans.

So let’s look at the vans!

Inside the KumaQ Toyota Hiace campervan showing the seating area and full size bed in the rear.

Unique features of these family friendly campervans

There are some great features that I love about this van, that make it different from most other vans available on the market in Australia at the moment.

Toyota Hiace 4×4 Camper van

Toyota no longer sell the Hiace van as 4×4 in Australia, so if you want to convert your own off road van, you’re limited to the Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter or Transporter, 

But since Dream Drive convert the vans in Japan, they’re able to import both the 2WD and 4WD Toyota Hiace campervans into Australia.

Comfortably seat & sleep a family of 4-5 

I’ve lost count of how many times readers have asked me which campervans can sleep the whole family. And the options have been very limited.

Finally we have an option that includes a stationary bed, plus a 2 seater that converts to another bed, tucking in underneath the main bed.

Family of four laying on the beds inside a Toyota Hiace Campervan.

Diesel or Unleaded

Rather than get into a heated debate about whether diesel or petrol is better, you can decide for yourself!

The diesel version of the Toyota Hiace comes in 2WD or 4×4 and seats 4 people.

The unleaded version also comes in  2WD or 4×4 and seats 5 people (there are 3 seats up front).

Convertible cargo space

The bed in the rear can be easily removed (and stowed in the side cabinets) to create a convenient cargo space.

This makes the van great for family roadtrips, campervan holidays where you can take bikes or other adventure equipment, just you family daily driver or to haul larger items around.

A truly multi-functional vehicle.

Bed shown in the rear of the KumaQ campervan which has the rear door open.
Inside the KumaQ camper van showing the cabinet where the bed and table are stored.
Back door of the KumaQ campervan open showing the cargo space in the rear of the van.

Long list of standard features in such a compact campervan

  • Transforming Rear Seat (With ISOFIX) 
  • Walnut CountertopTable with adjustable attachment 
  • Modular Bed Kit
  • Handcrafted Furniture 
  • Quality Hardware & Hinges 
  • Deep Sink & Faucet
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Quick Release Shower Hose 
  • 19L Fresh Water Tank 
  • 100AH Lithium Battery
  • D/C Charger
  • LED down lights
  • Dimmable LED light bar 
  • 1000W Inverter 1000W
  • A/C Charging Outlets x2 AC 
  • 28L Fridge
  • Shore Power Charger 
Small kitchen area inside a campervan.

Great optional extras in the KumaQ camper van

  • Black-out Curtains
  • Insect Screens Insect Net (Rear Door) 
  • Side-window Rain Cover
  • 2000W Inverter
  • Solar System (175W) 
  • Additional 100AH Battery
  • Thermal Wool Insulation  
  • Webasto FF Heater
  • Side Awning (Fiamma 3.5M)
  • Off-Road Tires
  • Half Paint
  • Additional 19L Fresh Water Tank
KumaQ campervan by Dreeam Drive Campervans viewed from the side at a beach location.

Toyota Hiace 4×4 camper van price

4×4 HIACE UNLEADED$127,000
4×4 HIACE DIESEL$135,000
Base price delivered, as at January 2024.

See a walkthrough of the van to really appreciate all the features.

We know that the Toyota Hiace is a hugely popular vehicle choice here in Australia, especially for campervans; they’re easily serviced, parts are readily available and they’re fuel efficient.

All very good reasons why I think the KumaQ is going to go really well here in Australia.

Is this your kinda campervan?

View from the bed inside a camepervan looking through to a beach view.

Dream Drive Campervan KumaQ
Vehicle: Toyota Hiace
Length: 5.38m
Height: 2.285m
Price: from $123,000

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