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Off road campervans Australia | 2024

What are your options for an off road camper van in Australia?

Australia is a vast country and many of the most exciting routes and destinations are in remote areas where only off road camper vans are able to go.

While there many, MANY wonderful places to visit in Australia where you don’t have to leave the bitumen, there are many more that can be found at the end of gravel roads or difficult tracks.

And sometimes, just having a 4WD vehicle means you can pull out of a site that’s become soggy with overnight rain, or get yourself through a sandy patch that caught you unawares.

What makes it an off road camper van?

Of course the first criteria for making an offroad campervan, off road, is a 4×4 drivetrain.

An off road vehicle can only truly be used off road if it has adequate clearance as well as 4WD. So we’re looking for vehicles that have highish clearance (over 170mm).

In my own search for the best campervans in Australia, I always state that I want a bathroom on board, since I want to live in the van full-time. But I am aware of how much that limits my search, so for this list I will include campervans that are sans bathroom.

As long as there’s somewhere to sleep, prepare food, hang out during a rainy day, and store all the stuff you need for travelling, then it’s included.

Let’s have a look!

BTW – Where I’ve been able to find them, I have included the overall dimensions of these campervans, and the price.
Please don’t be quick to judge the van based on just this small snippet; I’ve included links to all these Australian campervan manufacturers, so if there’s one that particularly interests you, you can do further research.

Off road campervans Australia

Dream Drive Campervans KumaQ

We’re going to start off with newcomer to the market, the KumaQ by Dream Drive Campervans.

These campervans are built on the Toyota Hiace chassis by the Dream Drive team at their factory in Tokyo, and imported into Australia in either 2WD or the coveted 4WD.

You can’t get a Toyota Hiace in 4WD here in Australia, so this is a great way to get yourself a 4×4 campervan.

With the ability to seat and sleep 4-5 people, this means we finally have a small 4WD campervan that fits a family!

Exterior rear view of the KumaQ by Dream Drive Campervans.
3D image of the layout of the KumaQ campervan by Dream Drive.

See all the details of the KumaQ in the video walk-through below.

Dream Drive Campervan KumaQ
Vehicle: Toyota Hiace
Length: 5.38m
Height: 2.285m
Price: from $123,000

Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen

Kimberley Kampers, you may be more familiar with their range of unique looking caravans, have entered the motorhome market with a splash!

The Kruisewagen has some great, innovative features that make it different from other camper vans.

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter 419 LWB AWD, okay, that’s not the ‘different’ part, has some cool features. The most notable one for me, is the electric drop down bed. This allows for a spacious dining area AND a fully made up bed.

The toilet is a compost toilet, there’s a large fridge/freezer, passenger seat swivels around (so one person has somewhere to sit if their partner is still sleeping), outdoor kitchen and it’s ‘Starlink ready’ (whatever that means :-O).

Exterior view of a Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen van.
Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen
Floor plan diagram of a Kimberlery Kruisewagen campervan.
Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen
Interior view of a Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen van showing the kitchen area from the back.
Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen

Here’s a great walk-through video of the campervan:

Kimberley Kampers Kruisewagen
Vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter 419 LWB – AWD
Length: 6.967m
Height: 2.97m
Price: from $189,063

Trakka campervans and motorhomes

And now for one of my favourite campervans, Trakka.

Trakka seem to be really honing in on their model offerings, discontinuing those that (I presume) have not been selling as well, and just keeping the models that everyone wants.

And that includes the Jabiru.


There are 3 Jabiru models, J2M (2 seater, medium wheel base), J2 (2 seater, long wheel base) & J4 (4 seater, long wheel base). All three of these come as 2WD or AWD.

4x4 campervan driving through creek with water splashing up the side of the vehicle.
Trakka Jabiru J2
Trakka Jabiru J2 campervan floor plan.
Trakka Jabiru J2
Interior of the Trakka Jabiru J2 4x4 campervan showing the kitchen area.
Trakka Jabiru J2

Trakka Jabiru
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MWB/LWB
Length: 6.09 – 7.125m
Height: 2.85m (3m incl aircon)
Ground clearance: 210mm
Price: $217,933 – $244,856

When looking a 4×4 campervans it’s all about the 4WD capabilities. Here’s a great article on the Jabiru, covering all those details about how it drives and the mechanical features of these vans.×4-campervan/trakka-jabiru-awd-march-2020/

Horizon Motorhomes

Another big player in the Australian campervan space, are the Horizon Motorhomes range of motorhomes / campervans.

Built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter AWD, they have the Boronia, Waratah and Wattle layouts.


Exterior of the Horizon Motorhomes Boronia campervan with the rear doors open and showing the bed in the rear of the van.
Boronia – by Horizon Motorhomes
Floor plan of the Horizon Boronia camper van.
Boronia – by Horizon Motorhomes
Interior of the Horizon Boronia camper van showing the kitchen area and bed in the background.
Boronia – by Horizon Motorhomes

Horizon Motorhomes Boronia
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter MWB
Length: 6.075m
Height: 2.79m (2.925m incl aircon)
Price: $225,000


The Wattle comes in two layouts (single beds or a queen off to one side) which makes it perfect for couples with room to sleep, cook, eat, work, relax and go to the bathroom.

Exterior view of grey Wattle motorhome with side door open showing the fly screen across the door way.
Wattle – by Horizon Motorhomes
Floor plan of the Horizon Wattle motorhome with single beds.
Floor plan of the Horizon Wattle camper van with a double bed in the rear corner of the van.
Wattle – by Horizon Motorhomes
Interior view of the Wattle camper van looking towards the back of the van showing the double bed layout.
Wattle – by Horizon Motorhomes

Horizon Motorhomes Wattle
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB
Length: 6.967m
Height: 2.82m (2.955m incl aircon)
Price: $223,500


All 3 of these layouts are based on the same vehicle, and include bash plates, additional water capacity, solar and lithium.

Outside view of a Waratah 4WD campervan parked in the Australian bush, with the awning out and door open.
Waratah – by Horizon Motorhomes
Floor plan of the Horizon Waratah motorhome with single beds.
Waratah – by Horizon Motorhomes
Bed area at the back of a Waratah 4WD campervan.
Waratah – by Horizon Motorhomes

Horizon Motorhomes Waratah
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB
Length: 6.967m
Height: 2.82m (2.955m incl aircon)
Price: $223,500

Jayco All Terrain Campervan

The All Terrain Campervan from Jayco is also built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB AWD.

Exterior view of the Jayco All Terrain 4WD campervan.
Jayco All Terrain campervan
Floor plan of the Jayco All Terrain offroad camper van.
Jayco All Terrain campervan
Looking through the rear doors of a Jayco campervan, with the bed made up and storage underneathj.
Jayco All Terrain campervan

Jayco All Terrain
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB
Length: 6.97m
Height: 3m
Price: $168,990

Volkswagen Crafter Kampervan All Terrain

The Volkswagen Crafter Kampervan is a new model that has been designed and produced in conjunction with Jayco in Australia. With a limited production, as at May 2023 they will soon be taking orders for 2025 delivery!

As I update this in January 2024, it’s really difficult to find any information on the Kampervan, although you can still put your name on the Preorder list here.

Exterior of the VW Krafter campervan.
VW Crafter Kampervan
Floor plan of the VW Krafter campervan.
VW Crafter Kampervan
Interior of the VW Krafter campervan.
VW Crafter Kampervan

VW Crafter Kampervan
Vehicle: VW Crafter
Length: 6.836m
Height: 2.845m
Price: from $143,508

As you can see, there’s not a lot of off road campervans to choose from in Australia, so if 4WD adventures are something you’re in to, you might have to convert a 4WD van into a campervan yourself.

Custom built off road camper vans

You may want to consider having your own 4×4 campervan custom made here in Australia, rather than buying one ready made.

In my search for 4WD campervans Australia, I’ve also found a few companies that can take your 4×4 van and convert it into the perfect home on wheels for you.

Interior of a campervan showing the seating area overlooking a water view outside, with text overlay: Campervan conversion companies Australia.

If you’re planning on going the self-build route, we’ve written a short guide on how to design your van layout here.

As you can see, there’s not a huge range of 4WD campervans made here in Australia, but those that are made here, are high quality (and ahemm… high price).

Want to see more?

I’ve created a spreadsheet with ALL the vans and campervans that can be bought new in Australia.

It includes the exterior dimensions, interior height, base price, seating and bed layout, bathroom, solar and air conditioning; with links to each one.

Sign up to our newsletter below, and I’ll send you the spreadsheet for free.


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