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A family camper van – can you get one in Australia in 2024?

Family campervans Australia

I’ve had a few readers ask me about campervans that could sleep their family of 4.

And while I’ve seen quite a few van conversions that are configured to sleep a family, I hadn’t seen that many campervan manufacturers here in Australia that were catering to families who want to travel the country, but don’t want to be driving around in a big motorhome.

So I’ve done a bit of research and put all the family campervans together in one post.
Heads up: it’s going to be a short post 🙁 as there really aren’t that many.

There’s only TWO Australian made camper vans that can sleep more than 2 people AND has a bathroom.

And there are four more vans that can sleep a family (comfortably) that don’t have a bathroom.

So we’ll get straight into it!

Family camper vans Australia WITH a bathroom

Avida Escape

Such a simple design, but boy this works a treat!

Floor plan of the Avida Escape camper van.
Bed layout in the Avida Escape camper van.

The dinette area at the back of the van, serves as the dining area during the day; and as 2 single beds at night.

Then, another bed lowers down from the roof to provide a double bed.

How genius is that!

Video walkthrough:

Jayco JRV FD 19-4

Relatively new on the market, the FD 19-4 model adds a pop-top roof to their already popular Fiat Ducato campervan.

This layout has a permanent double bed in the rear of the van (which means you’ve got lots of storage space underneath) and a loft area which is perfect for the kids.

Floor plan of the new Jayco JRV Campervan FD 19-4.

Exterior side view of the new Jayco JRV Campervan FD 19-4.

Campervans for a family (no bathroom) in Australia

Dream Drive Campervans KumaQ

This campervan is imported from Japan but one of the best things about this van (other than it being able to sleep 4-5 people) is that you can get this campervan as 4WD.

It’s built on the Toyota Hiace and has a permanent double bed in the rear, while the seats fold down to make a second bed.

Exterior rear view of the KumaQ by Dream Drive Campervans.

Kea Navigator 4 berth campervan

The Kea Navigator is also built on the Toyota Hiace van but this one has roof extension that gives you the extra sleeping room… but also makes it look weird, IMO.

It has quite a clever internal space though and in particular the the rear of the van is truly multi-functional.

In driving mode there are two forward facing seats with seat belts. When you want to eat you drop down the table to provide a large (for the size of the van) dining area; and then at night you fold the whole rear wall down to reveal the first double bed.

The second double bed is made up in the loft area.

Collage of 3 photos showing the seats / dining / bed set up inside a Kea Navigator campervan.

Talvor Endeavour Camper Van

Also utilising the extended roof on a Toyota Hiace chassis, the Talvor Endeavour makes for a cute and compact motorhome.

The bench seat just behind the cab converts to a double bed, and then another double bed is made up in the loft area.

Exterior view of the Talvor Endeavour campervan.
Collage of 2 photos of the interior of the Talvor Endeavour camper van showing the two double beds.

Volkswagen California 6.1

Just like the old Kombis that we all love, the California has a 3 seater bench that folds out to a double bed. And then the loft area converts to another double bed which is perfect for the kids.

There’s not much else in the way of #vanlife though. No kitchen or storage spaces. But it does come with a camping table and chairs, and a side awning.

Grey camper van with pop up roof

Converting your own van into the perfect family camper van

So if you want to travel Australia with your family, and you’re determined that you’d like to do it in a small motorhome (i.e. a camper van) AND have a bathroom onboard, then I think that converting your own van may be the only way to go.

Here are some examples of how these families have fit multiple beds in their vans (not all have bathrooms though):

Bunks above the main bed

Small childs bunk above the main bed

The Fite family made a bunk bed above their main bed, for daughter Everly.

Now that they’ve added another tiny human to their family, they created a murphy bed crib to their set-up. It’s simple genius. You can see it here:

Single bunks / cubbies above the main bed

If you’ve been looking at camper vans or RVs for a bit, you may have already seen the work of

The design of this camper van allowed for a family of 4 to sleep comfortably, having seperate sleeping quarters, but still having the space be stylish and uncluttered. It looks like a purpose built boat design to me.

Double platform above main bed

This family created double bunk beds above the main bed, and these can be pushed up to create a bit more space when they’re not in use.

Drop down bed

The Calloway family have been travelling for years and have set up their 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter to perfectly accomodate their family.

I love how this drop down bed can be easily lifted to allow for a dining space underneath, but still have everything neat and tidy.

Bunks in the living area

Bunks above living area

The two bunks can be tilted up to provide a bit more head room. But it’s a great way to give each child their own sleeping space, and a bit of room between them and their parents.

Bunks along the side

 Creating bunks for their 2 young girls was a great sleeping arrangement for this family, and it appears that others agree!

Ramble and Revive have now converted a couple of sprinter vans for others and added the small bunks!

All the peeps

Well that’s one way of fitting everyone in!

It makes me think of sardines… but at least everyone is warm and on a comfortable bed.

Roof top tent

While not exactly ‘in’ the camper van, putting a tent on the roof means that you’ve got a comfy bed ready to go whenever you stop.

And I’m sure there are many kids and parents who would appreciate not having to share the same space!

Do you think any of these sleeping arrangements would work for you and your family?

Looking for the right size van for you to convert?

To save you the hassle of combing through each manufacturers website, I’ve created a spreadsheet with all the vans and campervans that can be bought new in Australia.

The spreadsheet includes exterior dimensions, interior height, base price and links to each one.

Just sign up to our newsletter below, and I’ll send you the spreadsheet for free.

Converting your van into a camper van

If you’re planning to do the conversion yourself, you may want to start with figuring out the layout of your camper van and then finding the right size van for the layout that you want.

If you’re not sure you can undertake the conversion yourself, we’ve put together a list of Australian van conversion companies.