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Interior of campervan looking in through the rear doors at the bed platform with text: Campervan bed ideas.

Campervan bed ideas

Are you at the stage of planning the layout for your camper van? One of the major considerations is going to be your bed.  Not only because you want a comfy place to retreat to every night; but also because no matter what size van you have, a bed is going to take up a …

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New model of the Toyota Hiace van with text that reads: Toyota Hiace campervans.

Toyota Hiace Campervan

Toyota Hiace Campervans – are they a good choice for a camper van? As I do more and more research about vans and campervans here in Australia, there is no doubt that one of the most popular vans used for converting into a camper van, is a Toyota Hiace. The Toyota Hiace makes a great …

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