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Mercedes Sprinter van conversion Australia

Unique Mercedes Sprinter van conversion Australia by @ourvanmaloi

In this post, we continue looking at camper van conversions that have been done here in Australia.

Prepare to be delighted by this gorgeous and unique Mercedes Sprinter van conversion called Maloi!

Interior of a converted Mercedes Sprinter van looking towards the bed in the back.

Maloi is a 2008 high roof, extra long wheel based Mercedes Sprinter, and has been converted by Larry and Nicole for their lap around Australia.

Cute dog inside the back of a Mercedes Sprinter van.

When Maloi first arrived in January he was a well used Fastway couriers vehicle; by the time he left for a lap around Australia just 4 months later, he had been transformed into a stunning display of comfort and great workmanship.

Interior of a camper van showing vibrant kitchen countertops and a bed in the back.
Lovely campervan interior decor as shown from the bed area.

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A totally unique van conversion

Maloi has some pretty unique features that make him stand out from most other van conversions.

The vibrant blue countertop was created by from Japanese cedar with translucent blue dye in the resin.

The Japanese cedar is a light weight wood in lovely blonde and chocolate colours that contrast really well with the blue.

It’s unique and bold, yet warm; while also being practical, and is holding up well to full time use.

Honeycomb design as a room divider in this Mercedes Sprinter van conversion.

Other unique features include the hexagonal/honeycomb room divider and the fold down table, that doubles as wall art when the table is put away.

Vibrant blue resin table inside a campervan.
Converted camper van interior showing the dining area.

The most stunning feature IMO, is the shower door, the cool tree design with clear perspex allows for some vibrant and changing colours.

Unique shower door inside a Class B camper van.
Interior of a converted campervan with unique and stunning interior decor.
Camper van shower cubicle with aqua blue tiles on the wall.

With a tight timeline of just 4 months, Larry and Nicole weren’t able to complete all the pieces that they wanted, but the big stuff was done.

Since they hit the road in April, they’ve also:

  • finished the tile splashback and shower tiles
  • added heaps of hooks and ‘hidden’ lines to hang clothes and towels up
  • installed a fly screen to the sliding door
  • added an LED strip light in the garage
  • upgraded to a quieter water pump, and
  • made a projector screen from a roller blind
Bright blue splashback tiles in the kitchen area of a converted camper van.
Project screen in the bed area of a cozy camper van.

They didn’t keep a strict tally of their costs, so they only know that it was between $10-15k.

However, on their Instagram @ourvanmaloi they take you through the renovation process, each step of the way. They have lots of cool time lapse videos showing you all the work they did, and have details listed in the captions.

So be sure to give them a follow.

Larry, Nicole and Maloi will be travelling for the rest of this year, heading up the west coast and across through NT and Far North QLD. 

What a wonderful adventure!

Couple sitting on the roof deck of a campervan with a long sandy beach in the background.

If you’re dreaming of embarking on a #vanlife adventure around Australia in your own campervan conversion, we’ve got some resources that may help get you started:

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